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1LAB2301. How 65% of the Top 500 Firms Solve Their 8879 E-sign Problems - presented by SafeSend (PRA, FMA, TAX)

Are you tired of busy season frustrations? Top 500 firms have found success with the SafeSend Suite in getting 8879s e-signed in less than a day, seeing up to 40% completion of client organizers, and alleviating the strain of staffing issues. In this session, we will share why using the SafeSend Suite eliminates these frustrations all while providing a 5-Star client experience. The SafeSend Suite offers one, intuitive platform for clients and staff. No matter the document you’re sending throughout the year, clients access it the same way – increasing both client satisfaction and adoption. Join SafeSend as we share ways to increase your firm’s success by easily gathering source documents, collecting digital/fillable organizers, assembling and delivering completed tax returns, collecting e-signatures, automating signature and payment reminders, distributing K-1s, and requesting firm tax prep fees. The SafeSend Suite makes an impact across all your tax workflow processes.

Learning Objectives:

  • List the common points of frustration for firms and clients throughout the tax engagement
  • Identify automation solutions that were built specifically for the tax and accounting profession
CPE Credits
NASBA Field of Study
Business Management & Organization
0-2 years in the Profession
Advanced Preparation
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