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1LAB2307. CAS 2.0 - How to Scale Your Practice with SAAS - presented by Pax8 (TCH, PRA)

Data is the most valuable and vulnerable asset of the modern business world. Businesses of every size are generating huge volumes of data every day – data that needs to be properly stored, protected, and leveraged for decision-making. Today’s businesses need as much help managing their data as they do with managing their financials. Let's explore some simple strategies to offer a SaaS stack, modern cloud financials, and dashboard-as-a-service to improve the value of your monthly pricing.

Learning Objectives:

  • A walk through of the CAS2.0 technology ecosystem, how its maps on to traditional CPA services and overview of the client messaging and demand factors.
  • How to build a technology practice to address CAS2.0 and the important platforms such as Microsoft Power platform and Dynamics that form key foundations - understand them and how to build CAS2.0 services from them
CPE Credits
NASBA Field of Study
Information Technology
For individuals at all organizational levels
Advanced Preparation
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