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General Session Onsite and Online

AUT2110. Fireside Chat: Paul Walser & Mike Stanton w/ Jason Stein

Our industry is rapidly changing and will continue to change. We must and will adapt! COVID has required all of us to adapt in the auto industry and in the CPA profession. What will continue and what will we revert back too? What effect will the EV push have on our industry? How are you approaching the EV shift in your group? What are you as a dealer hearing on the chip and other parts shortages? What is current info on when production levels get back to historical levels? What are the other big issues from the dealer’s and NADA’s perspective?

Learning Objectives:

  • Industry, economic and global pandemics bring challenges and opportunities. Review insight on how a dealer-operator is continually adapting.
  • Recognize current NADA efforts and the role of the Dealer Chair. How can CFOs and CPAs help the cause?
Oct 26
12:25 PM–1:15 PM
CPE Credits
NASBA Field of Study
Specialized Knowledge
1-2 Years in the Profession
Advanced Preparation