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DCPA2307. Know the Top HR Trends – Be a More Valuable Consultant

The new reality of work today would be unimaginable even five years ago. Everything is different. The workforce, the tools, the laws, the workplace. Companies that can’t keep up may find themselves quickly left behind. We’ll show you the critical HR trends — so you can help clients recognize and address them — and provide an HR Assessment Checklist you can use to guide clients through recruiting, retention, and compliance issues. Join us and continue to elevate your position from transactional to being a valued consultant.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recall how to optimize remote workers and new working arrangements to make teams even stronger
  • Indicate how increasing diversity and inclusion can improve recruiting
  • Identify effective strategies to attract, recruit, and hire top talent
  • Recognize how to connect clients with the best employee self-service HR tools for their business
  • Identify how to revitalize workplace culture with the modern approach to health and wellness