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Concurrent Session Onsite and Online

EDG2310. Seeking and Receiving Performance Feedback

ARE YOU TIRED OF GETTING FEEDBACK THAT ISN'T QUITE HELPFUL, NOT GETTING ANY AT ALL, OR NEEDING TO GIVE FEEDBACK THAT'S LESS THAN POSITIVE? Research shows that people feel there is a lack of transparency and understanding of the formal and the unspoken cultural rules and behaviors around performance feedback. They believe that because of their position, race and/or gender, they have not always received unbiased/objective evaluations from supervisors. Further, the feedback received is not provided in constructive manner to help them achieve growth. In this session you will learn effective strategies for seeking and receiving feedback, including recognizing when steps should be taken to seek additional feedback.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the key components of effective performance feedback: Participants will be able to explain the purpose of performance feedback, list the key components of effective feedback, and describe how to give feedback in a constructive and actionable manner.
  • Analyze strategies for seeking out and receiving feedback: Participants will be able to describe strategies for seeking out feedback from managers, colleagues, and clients, and practice receiving feedback in a way that encourages dialogue and learning.
  • Apply giving performance feedback: Participants will be able to practice giving feedback in a way that is specific, actionable, and focused on behaviors and results, and receive feedback on their own feedback-giving skills. They will also be able to identify common pitfalls in giving feedback and how to avoid them.
CPE Credits
NASBA Field of Study
Personal Development
3-4 years in the Profession
Advanced Preparation
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