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Concurrent Session Onsite and Online

FMA2304. Managing Your Partners Expectations About the Hybrid Workforce

One-third of the partner group thinks it's perfectly fine to continue into 2023 and beyond with a virtual environment. They are poised and love working from home. Another group thinks the hybrid model is best; they get to interact with staff and balance in-person and off-site meetings. And still, there is a wave of partners that have a heavy influence in encouraging staff to return to the workplace. You are charged with making sense of it all and being the leader to get them all to co-exist. How are you managing it?

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate change-management theories and how to overcome fear in transition.
  • Assess organizational development and aligning business goals with staffing trends.
  • Evaluate your own ability to influence and manage up to a better firm for all.
CPE Credits
NASBA Field of Study
Business Management & Organization
4-5+ years in the Profession
Advanced Preparation
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