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FVC2249. FinOSINT - Financial Open Source Intelligence

Open source intelligence is a well-covered area of expertise that covers any and many areas of content. Building on these skills, the instructor will focus on financial intelligence research practices. Finding data related to transactional information, crypto currency markets, and any opportunity to track down fraudulent operations through the surface to dark web. Learning objectives: (1) Define FinOSINT, (2) Identify marketplaces online that financial information may be located in open sources, (3) Identify resources used specific to online asset investigations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Choose learning resources specific to financial research and asset location
  • Identify the role of the dark web in moving and laundering money
  • Analyze how the metaverse will become a shelter for illegal funds and goods transfer
CPE Credits
NASBA Field of Study
Specialized Knowledge
3-5 Years in the Profession
Advanced Preparation
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