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Concurrent Session Onsite and Online

PFP2303. How to Keep Your Practice Running Smoothly

Efficiently managing an independent wealth management firm involves focusing on key areas to ensure smooth operations, client satisfaction, and growth. In this presentation, we'll discuss essential strategies, including:     * ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEMS: Implement effective client management and documentation processes.     * TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION: Utilize CRM software, financial planning tools, and automation.     * CLIENT ONBOARDING AND RETENTION: Create a comprehensive onboarding process and prioritize relationship building.     * STAFF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT: Foster a culture of collaboration, growth, and continuous improvement.     * COMPLIANCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT: Stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements and best practices.     * BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING: Develop a robust marketing plan, leveraging online and offline channels.     * TIME MANAGEMENT AND WORK-LIFE BALANCE: Establish efficient practices, delegate tasks, and prioritize self-care. Join us as we explore actionable insights to optimize your wealth management practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will learn to identify and implement efficient organizational systems and technology solutions, streamlining daily operations and enhancing overall productivity within their wealth management practice.
  • Attendees will gain insights into effective client onboarding and retention strategies, as well as techniques for staff training and development, fostering strong relationships and a collaborative work environment.
  • Participants will understand the importance of compliance, risk management, business development, and marketing in maintaining a successful practice, while also learning how to balance time management and work-life equilibrium for sustained performance and growth.
CPE Credits
NASBA Field of Study
Management & Organization
3-4 years in the Profession
Advanced Preparation
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