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All Access Pre-Conference Workshop Onsite Only

PFP24101. Discovering Greater Revenues by Exploring the Individual Tax Return: Proactively Identifying PFP Opportunities in your Income Tax Practice that could Result in Greater Revenues

**INCLUDED IN ALL-ACCESS PASS | IN PERSON ONLY** Utilize an individual tax return to find extraordinary opportunities by identifying additional revenue. This series guides the practitioner through planning opportunities that are in an individual tax return. This 3-hour pre-conference workshop will provide tools, strategies, and concepts to leverage in your income tax practice to perform PFP services. WORKSHOP STRUCTURE: • (45 Minutes) Goals & Objectives + Review 1040 pages to identify areas of planning opportunity. Incorporate stories to drive home ideas (what actions could have prevented unintended consequences?) • (30 Minutes) – 15 minutes of Break Out Groups and 15 minutes of sharing best ideas • (45 Minutes) – What are effective action-oriented deliverables – verbal vs written action plan (Net Worth creation, financial checklist, Family Road Map, etc.) • (30 Minutes) – 15 minutes of Break Out Groups and 15 minutes of sharing best ideas • (30 Minutes) – Questions and Answers/Best Practices

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify areas of planning and implementable solutions.
  • Differentiate reactive compliance work from proactive planning value and revenue.
  • Recognize ways to convert your tax practice into a high value PFP advisory business.
CPE Credits
NASBA Field of Study
3-4 years in the profession
Advanced Preparation
Please bring a redacted income tax return to find immediate opportunities for your client. Be actively involved in creating and identifying opportunities for implementation. Attendees will participate in groups to exchange ideas and collaborate on plannin
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