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Image of Chris Chiancone

Chris Chiancone

City of Carrollton

Chris Chiancone is an award-winning strategic thought leader with over 20 years of experience delivering advanced hardware and software solutions for private and public sector organizations. Solutions implemented by his teams help organizations deliver strong technological innovation, help in aligning industry leaders with a substantial competitive advantage while (or by) focusing on technology transformation, increasing productivity, reducing cost, automation, innovation, and organizational security. Chris has a strong track record of building versatile, top-tier technology teams. His skill set includes strategic planning, technological innovation, IT architecture, applications, security and production with large ERP, cloud providers, ITIL and data science technologies. He is experienced in blending visionary insight and sharp business planning skills to strategize large-scale technological change initiatives and turnaround management. Chris is known as a change agent with the people skills, business acumen, technical expertise and management experience to drive growth and competitiveness.