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Image of Molly Mayfield

Molly Mayfield

Member Manager
GreenFlex Financial
Greenflex Financial PLLC is an Accounting firm that offers World Class Accounting and Financial Consulting Services to Business Owners in the Cannabis niche. Our founder and member manager was born into a retail, health focused family business and also has over 20 years of experience as a CPA leading Financial Audits for 5th largest firm in the nation coupled with several Controller and CFO level positions within the manufacturing, broadcasting, non profit, financial services, & Cannabis industries.

We have a special passion for serving the Social Equity Cannabis Business Owner and can with the financial services needed on the application journey. Working with Greenflex allows you as the business owner to comply with State and Federal laws wherever possible & to have audit quality financials ready each month. Specific areas of expertise include Banking, Daily Cash Management and Oversight, Daily and Monthly recordkeeping in all systems, Payroll, Tax Compliance - special knowledge in 280e Compliance and IRS requirements including annual tax law, sales tax, Inventory Management/POS expertise, Audit & Attestation Services, & Employee Management/Human Resources.