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Ken Corbin

Commissioner, Wage & Investment Division

Kenneth (Ken) Corbin serves as the Commissioner of the Wage and Investment (W&I) Division, responsible for the administration of tax laws governing individual wage earners in the United States. He has responsibility for approximately 37,000 employees, located in approximately 376 Taxpayer Assistance Centers, 10 Service Centers and 15 Remote Call Sites, nationwide.

The W&I Division serves millions of individual and business customers, and is responsible for the processing of more than 150 million individual income tax returns, resulting in more than 109 million individual refunds issued, totaling nearly $306 billion. The W&I Division operates with an annual budget of approximately $2.4 billion. Ken was appointed as Commissioner, W&I Division, in January 2017. The W&I Division has responsibility for delivering customer service (including telephone and face-to-face assistance) and tax return processing for all of America's taxpayers as well as compliance activities for W&I taxpayers.

In addition, the W&I Support organizations have oversight of modernization and management of technology, strategic planning and direction, communications, and strategic human capital management, ensuring safety and security and critical infrastructure, formulation and execution of the budget, and advancing equal opportunities for employees.

Ken began his career in government service at the IRS Atlanta Service Center in 1986. Ken holds bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and philosophy from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Ken and his wife have two children.