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Image of William Lukela

William Lukela

Deputy Chief of Licensing
State of Colorado, Department of Revenue, Marijuana Enforcement Division
Will Lukela joined the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) in April 2014. Will is the Deputy Chief of Licensing responsible for the program management, development and implementation of licensing and licensing investigations to achieve the regulatory and enforcement goals of the MED and the State of Colorado. * Will's experience includes more than 30 years of regulatory/law enforcement experience working in the areas of Liquor, Gaming and Marijuana. Will has planned, conducted and supervised numerous regulatory, criminal and internal affairs investigations. * Will has approximately 13½ years of experience planning, conducting, supervising and managing complex and comprehensive investigations involving multi-jurisdictional and multi-national individuals and business entities to determine their suitability for licensure. * Assisted in the implementation related to the passage of SB16-040 which changed the requirements for owners of marijuana businesses in Colorado.