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Image of Evan Kilbourne

Evan Kilbourne

Senior Director
FTI Consulting
Mr. Kilbourne is a Senior Director at FTI Consulting and is based in Orange County, California. His experience includes auditing, consulting, and forensic accounting services for clients ranging from individuals to large public companies across a variety of industries. His work includes valuation of privately held companies, financial statement analysis and modeling, economic damages analysis, shareholder and partnership disputes, family law forensic accounting, and data mining. Mr. Kilbourne has testified as an expert witness, both in deposition and in trial. He assists experts, counsel, and clients in all phases of the litigation process including discovery, expert reports, deposition, and trial. In addition to helping individual parties to disputes, Mr. Kilbourne actively participates in the many neutral assignments for which his firm is retained, including services as a Court-appointed ยง730 expert, Court-appointed Referee, stipulated joint expert, and as informal neutral accountants for mediation and other non-litigated actions.