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Image of John Hanson

John Hanson

Managing Director

John Hanson is a Managing Director in BDO's Monitorships and Investigations Practice with over 30 years of fraud investigations, forensic accounting, corporate compliance & ethics, and audit experience. Though John has earned a reputation as a highly skilled and creative complex corporate fraud examiner, he has also become widely known for his work and thought leadership on Independent Corporate Monitoring and is a passionate advocate for best practices in this developing and growing field of service.

In continuation of his efforts to promote and improve the professional practice of Corporate Monitoring, John founded and presently serves as the President of the International Association of Independent Corporate Monitors, a not-for-profit membership organization.

John is among the most experienced Corporate Monitors. He has had substantial roles in 10 Monitorships since 2008. His first role was leading the Monitorship team in a large Monitorship between 2008 and 2010 associated with the "Big Dig" in Boston. Since 2010, John has been directly appointed 7 times as a Monitor and been engaged twice by other Monitors. In these roles, John has reported to DOJ, Department of Interior, Department of Transportation, Department of Labor, Small Business Administration, Federal Highway Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, and the MA Department of Transportation.