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Image of David Blain

David Blain

Chief Executive Officer
BlueSky Wealth Advisors, LLC
David L. Blain, CFA, is an Advisor, Author, Educator, and Leader. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer at BlueSky Wealth Advisors for 24 years. Additionally, he currently serves as Chairman on the Board of Directors of CarolinaEast Health System in New Bern, where he also chairs the Investment Committee. Over the past two decades, David has steadily built BlueSky based on his deeply rooted values, expertise, and passion for helping business owners, medical practices, and families worldwide understand their financials and achieve financial independence. In addition to BlueSky, he owns several other companies, including real estate and private investment partnerships. David is a recognized speaker on investments, financial planning, and taxes. He has written for and been quoted in numerous trade journals and mass media outlets, including Wharton Business Radio "Spotlight: Your Money," BusinessWeek, U.S. News & World Report, Money magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and other national and local publications. Under his leadership, BlueSky has received several awards and accolades throughout its history for its quality of advice, growth rate, and client satisfaction.