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Image of Nic Nunn-Faron

Nic Nunn-Faron

Senior Manager, Community Resilience & Sustainability
Nic serves as a senior manager in BDO's Industry Specialty Services practice, where he applies his varied experience in policy development, planning, risk management, and organizational strategy to meet the resilience and sustainability needs of public, private, and nongovernmental agencies throughout the U.S. Over the past 10 years, Nic has been charged with the management and oversight of projects for local government, federal government, higher education, nonprofit, and healthcare organizations. He serves as a key resource for the firm's ESG Center of Excellence, where he uses his background in sustainable development and enterprise risk management to help clients become more resilient against and better stewards of the environment and society. He utilizes expertise in sustainability reporting principles to help community leaders in implementing infrastructure and development strategies. Nic has also conducted program management for local municipalities, led technical response operations following natural disasters, served as an agency field liaison to FEMA, coordinated with the U.N. cluster system, and responded on over a dozen emergency operations throughout the world.