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Image of Michael Hogan

Michael Hogan

Armanino LLP
Michael leads the national Corporate Finance and Restructuring Practice at Armanino LLP. An accomplished senior-level executive with over 35 years of diverse experience in operations, finance and strategy, he specializes in assessing strategic options, stabilizing and turning around underperforming businesses, and driving exits. Michael works extensively with the firm's national Cannabis practice supporting clients facing financial and operational challenges. Michael has diverse experience in operations, finance and strategy and a successful record of stabilizing and turning around under-performing businesses to generate returns and create exits by improving operations and margins, refocusing strategy, debt structuring/renegotiations, increasing cash flow and managing expenditures, with focused leadership and control programs. He also possesses deep transaction / divestiture talents, assessment capabilities, metric development and implementation ability, and debt restructuring skills. Financially pragmatic, Michael is experienced as both an operator and an advisor, with a long track record of working alongside executive teams, boards, investors, lenders and other parties in interest to improve outcomes.