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Image of Kaelan Castetter

Kaelan Castetter

Managing Director
Castetter Consulting Group
Kaelan has been in the New York cannabis industry since 2015 as the founder of Sovereign Vines: America's Only Hemp-Infused Wine - a restart of his father's venture from 1997. Over the last six years, he has led large-scale hemp cultivation operations that included 16 farms throughout New York and a compliant cannabinoid hemp manufacturing operation in Binghamton. Kaelan is now an advocate and advisor for cannabis entrepreneurs looking to be successful in the New York cannabis industry, serving as Managing Director of the Castetter Cannabis Group. The firm assists leadership teams in understanding complex regulations, developing sound strategies for market success, and providing government relations to municipal, legislative, and regulatory bodies. He works closely with regulators and lawmakers in developing sound policy solutions to help establish a competitive marketplace rooted in fairness and equity.