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Image of Charles Frieda

Charles Frieda

818 Brands
Charles Frieda is a highly accomplished and versatile professional, currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer and Co-Chief Operations Officer of 818 Brands. With an exceptional track record in financial management and strategic decision-making, he plays a pivotal role in overseeing all financial aspects of the company's diverse portfolio. In addition to his CFO responsibilities, Charles also leads and supervises key business units within the organization, reporting directly to the CEO and Board of Directors. Mr. Frieda's expertise in the cannabis industry spans back to 2016 when he successfully navigated a large-scale industrial development geared towards Cannabis for First Step Plus, LLC. His deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and financial intricacies of the cannabis sector has been instrumental in driving growth and success for 818 Brands in this rapidly evolving industry. Before making his mark in the cannabis industry, Charles excelled in the business consulting and finance sectors, working with several of the largest Fortune 500 companies. His rich background in these industries has provided him with a well-rounded skill set and a keen business acumen, enabling him to bring valuable insights and innovative strategies to 818 Brands. When Charles isn't busy with 818 Brands, he enjoys his time with his wife Melody. They enjoy working on their home in Orange County and traveling the world together.