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Complimentary Bonus Session (Onsite Only)

CU23101. ALM & Liquidity Strategic Considerations & Business Intelligence Opportunities (On-Site Only, No additional fee)

Finance teams are working frantically to provide reliable decision information, and fast. The strategic and financial stakes of big decisions continue to increase.

During this hands-on workshop, participants will engage in thought-provoking discussions around real-life opportunities and challenges, including:

  • Why traditional KPIs may not work in this environment and how to help key stakeholders understand why it may be critical to have a mindset shift
  • Considerations for linking strategic liquidity and funding strategies with the desired type of membership growth, lending relationships, and pricing philosophy
  • How to visualize data you have now to make it easier for key stakeholders to grasp – enabling better and faster decision-making
  • Top-of-mind scenarios to consider over the short-, intermediate-, and long-term and how to engage other stakeholders

Participants will also walk away with information, and visualization ideas and tools that can be put into action immediately.

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze how many external forces are unstoppable – appropriate and timely mindset shifts are necessary
  • Determine how making your communication with various key stakeholders easier to digest can be a competitive advantage
  • Identify how connecting decision-making on loan pricing and packaging, with deposit and funding strategies can provide strategic flexibility
CPE Credits
NASBA Field of Study
3-4 years in the profession
Advanced Preparation