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FVC2247. What Gives? Why Some Companies/Industries Demand Higher Implied Multiples

You don’t have to be a valuator or stock analyst to observe that different businesses and industries trade across a wide range of market-implied valuation multiples. Presenters Ethan Lee, CPA, ABV, CFF and Atticus Frank, CFA, ABV, will dig into a wide range of implied valuation multiples, and help attendees better understand why multiples oscillate across and within industries. This session’s goal is to help you better understand and convey your valuation conclusions to your clients and partners.

Learning Objectives:

  • Calculate, Break Down and Build Up Valuation Multiples to Understand their Component Parts
  • Compare and Analyze Valuation Multiples within and Across Industries and Pinpoint Major Contributors to Multiple Spreads
  • Estimate Fundamental Discounts and Adjustments to Implied Valuation Multiples
  • Recall Key Processes and Valuation Conclusions
CPE Credits
NASBA Field of Study
Specialized Knowledge
1-2 Years in the Profession
Advanced Preparation
Session Tags