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Image of Atticus Frank

Atticus Frank

Vice President
Mercer Capital
Atticus Frank is a vice president with Mercer Capital. Atticus has valuation experience in engagements related to corporate planning and reorganizations, financial reporting, fairness opinions, litigation support, employee stock ownership plans, and estate and gift tax planning and compliance matters. As a member of Mercer Capital's Family Business Advisory Services Group, Atticus provides financial education, valuation, and other strategic financial consulting to multi-generation family businesses. The Family Business Advisory Services Group helps family shareholders, boards, and management teams align their perspectives on the financial realities, needs, and opportunities of the business. Additionally, Atticus is a regular contributor to Mercer Capital's blog, _Family Business Director_. In addition, Atticus spent time at D-R Media and Investments, a diversified media company based in Venice, Florida. Atticus served in the role of CFO, where he oversaw the financial operations of the company, including financial reporting and budgeting processes for the company. Atticus also spent time leading Sun Events, a start-up concert promotion business and division of D-R Media. Atticus' responsibilities included overseeing the division's day-to-day operations, budgeting, and marketing strategy.