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Pre-Conference Optional Workshops Additional Fee

PFP23101A. Building Your Tax and Financial Planning Advisory Business Workshop: PFP Business Models - True Stories from Successful CPAs

There are a multitude of personal financial planning business models you can implement. The one you choose is what works best for you, your practice and your clients. A panel of successful practitioners in the most common business models in the CPA profession will share how they built their practice to provide the highest value for clients while also running a successful business. This session will cover the following topics:

  • Getting started with learning more about you (polling questions)
  • The PFP opportunity
  • Introduction of the panelists
  • The benefits, challenges, and best practices of the various business models — helping you identify the best structure for your practice and clients
  • The economics behind getting this service off the ground and what to expect in terms of revenue along the way
  • How they charge for these services and compensate partners and staff
  • How they converted tax clients into PFP clients
  • The psychological side of providing these services
  • How and why they chose their investment business model and how they successfully implemented their strategy
  • How to seamlessly integrate the CPA and RIA sides of the business
  • How they manage resource needs, including staffing and outside experts
  • Options for gaining help from 3rd parties (RIA firms, and other advisors) to assist in your efforts
  • Increasing the value of your practice by adding financial planning - succession plan/future sale/buyer’s view
  • Growing your business through marketing
  • Holding effective virtual client meetings
  • Reflection time for participants

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the benefits, challenges, and best practices of the various business models.
  • Recognize the benefits of adding PFP services to your practice and how you can do this.
  • Choose which business models and ways of doing business resonate most for you.
CPE Credits
NASBA Field of Study
Business Management & Organization
3-4 years in the Profession
Advanced Preparation
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