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Image of Alex Dorr

Alex Dorr

Vice President
Reality-Based Leadership
Alex Dorr envisions a world WHERE WORK IS EFFORTLESS, and teams are DRAMA-FREE. Standing side-by-side since 2015 with NY Times Bestselling author and thought leader Cy Wakeman, Alex collaborates with organizations and leaders globally to help them DITCH THE DRAMA FROM THE WORKPLACE, HARDWIRE ACCOUNTABILITY IN THEIR TEAMS AND TURN EXCUSES INTO RESULTS. As a keynote speaker and trainer, he helps organizations exchange the endless argument for a DIFFERENT workplace reality for a shifted perspective that enables them to start achieving MORE SUCCESS AND FULFILLMENT IN THEIR CURRENT WORKPLACE REALITY. Although Alex stands in at 6'6" tall and is commonly told at events, "you look a lot taller up close," HE PRIDES HIMSELF ON BEING DOWN TO EARTH or better yet, grounded in reality. In a previous life, he was a former professional basketball player and HOLDS A MSC INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF DERBY (ENGLAND). As a speaker and trainer at Reality-Based Leadership, his client list includes_ _BKD, Lurie (Now EisnerAmper), Cherry Bekaert and the National Association of Credit Management along with others such as HHS, NIH (National Institutes of Health), the CDC, Bank of America, John Deere, Salesforce, Washington Commanders (NFL), Nationwide, Ely Lilly and the US Department of Commerce among others.